Upper Key Stage 2

Assistant Headteacher UKS2 

Florence Kirk-Buaku

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Year 5

Class Assembly 5F – 21/22
Class Assembly 5H – 21/22
Summer Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023- 2024

The latest Year 5 Learning Update!

This term has been absolutely amazing and has gone by so quickly. The children have been fully immersed into all aspects of the curriculum and their learning. Our club, Topical Talk has been a success, children and adults enjoying the content, but has now sadly come to an end.

Our Microcsociety topic has been amazing, with all children learning a great deal about what it takes to be successful in the real world. During enterprise week, we made a large profit from making and selling our lemon cake and floral tea.

Science- Science this term was all about forces. The children can now use a range of
investigation techniques to find out more. During science week, we explored possibilities of becoming a scientist and what we would need in order to succeed. Next term we will be learning about animals and their habitat.

ENGLISH-This week in English we have been learning to persuade. The children
explored emotive language, rhetorical questions and facts as a way of persuading
someone to do something or act in a certain way. They hope to pitch their business idea of a community garden to Miss Parker. Next term we will be focussing on Caribbean narratives.

 PE-This half term the children have enjoyed their learning of Netball. All adults have
praised their ability to work as a team, show sportsmanship and impressive ball skills.
Humanities: Microsociety came to an end with the children participating in an
international trading session. They were able to put into practice what they had learnt
throughout the term to accumulate profit. Next term our topic is ‘The Windrush’.
Computing: This half term the children have become computer programmers using-

Maths-The children have made progress learning how to calculate area and perimeter.
We used our adding skills for perimeter and multiplication skills for area. They
investigated compound shapes and how to find the length of sides that were missing.

DT- This half term the children designed logos, investigated how to make 3D nets and
barcodes. Their end product consisted of them, making packaging for their microsociety

Year 6

Class Assembly 6K 2021-2022
Summer Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023-2024

The latest Year 6 Learning Update!

The Spring Term has been extremely busy for us all in Year 6 and we have all been working extremely hard.  We continue to look ahead to the end of KS2 assessments (SATs), which will take place the week commencing Monday 13th May; we have begun to prepare for this in supporting us in preparing for the tests and to revise and cover the curriculum to help embed it.  A huge well done to all of those children who have been attending the before and after school booster sessions, please do ensure that you attend the boosters that you have been invited to and that you are on time to the morning sessions.  A big thank you to all of the school staff who are leading these. This week, we have held a mock SATs week during which we did last year’s (2023) papers to help us understand what the expectations are.

A reminder that Music lessons will continue on Mondays and P.E. lessons will be on Mondays and Fridays.  We do ask that PE kits are left at school as we do sometimes have last minute changes to our timetable.  Homework will continue to be sent out on Fridays and returned on Wednesdays.  Each week there will be a spelling homework, which will come home in books and the children must complete all the tasks and write correctly punctuated sentences, ensuring that they are using their neatest handwriting (this is an opportunity for them to practise handwriting, which is part of the end of year writing assessment).  Maths homework will be sent home in books every second week – look out for the Knowledge Organisers on Google Classroom to support with these, each week the expectation is also that the children are going on Times Tables Rock Stars and competing in the Tournament.  All homework is monitored each week, and any uncompleted or not handed in will be invited to “Homework Club”.  Thank you to everyone who completed two pieces of Topic / Science homework, all of which were shown at the exhibition.

Maths:  In Maths, we have been looking Measurement, in particular Perimeter, Area and Volume.  We have focused on finding the perimeter and area of triangles, rectangles and parallelograms and the volume of cuboids using the known formulae and applying our knowledge and understanding to worded questions and reasoning and problem solving.  During Maths sessions, when timing permits, we will also be beginning to revise key areas and practising arithmetic and reasoning questions to help prepare us for the SATs.

English:  Our English learning is linked to our topic “Route 66”.  We have been doing a balanced arguments about whether former President Donald Trump will keep his 2024 campaign promise to “Make America Great and Glorious Again”.  He is an extremely interesting, controversial and important personality in American culture and we have enjoyed researching facts about him and his presidency and writing a balanced argument to show these.  We certainly have our own strong opinions on him, and have found it difficult not to show bias or opinions!

Humanities:  Our topic is “Route 66”.  We explore the History, the culture and Geography of the United States of America.  In History, we have looked at the Californian Glod Rush and compared this to the British Revolution that occurred at the same time drawing comparisons.  In Geography, we have looked at significant locations along or close to Route 66 and described their human and physical features.  

Science:  Our Science topic is “Light”.  We have continued to explore and investigate how light travels.  We have also enjoyed Science Week, during which we explored the genre of ‘Time’ – we carried out investigations on pendulums and explored possibilities of scientists within this genre.

Art & DT:  This half term our focus is on DT.  We have explored significant American structures and thought about the process of designing and constructing our own structures.

PSHCE:  This half term, we are looking at risk taking, gambling and addiction. It explores why people might want to take risks and how this can negatively impact them. We have also linked our learning to our Spring Enterprise event.

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