Policies covering all aspects of school life can be downloaded as PDF files from the list below. Our policies are reviewed and updated by the school Governors.


      1. Admissions
      2. Charging and Remissions
      3. Complaints 3a. Complaints Flowchart
      4. GDPR Privacy Notice
      5. Freedom of Information (FOI)
        Freedom of Information Publication Scheme (included in FOI)
      6. Data Protection

      Teaching and Learning

      1. Learning and Teaching
      2. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
      3. Inclusion
      4. Collective Reflection Policy
      5. Sex and Relationships (SRE)
      6. Homework
      7. Calculations policy
      8. Live Session Policy


      1. Appraisal and Capability policy
      2. Code of Conduct
      3. Grievance policy
      4. Leave policy

      Health & Safety, Child Protection and Equalities

      1. Health and Safety Policy 1a. Managing infectious diseases
      2. Guidance for Educational Visits
      3. Fire Evacuation Plan
      4. Whistleblowing
      5. Lambeth Council Whistleblowing Policy
      6. Equalities, Gender and Disability Policy
      7. Non Resident Parent Guideline


      1. Safeguarding  & Safeguarding 2020- (Document under consultation)
      2. Safer Restraint (included in behaviour policy)
      3. Extremism
      4. Accessibility Policy
      5. First Aid and Medical conditions
      6. Bonneville Primary School Risk Assessment September 2020


      1. Exclusions (included in behaviour policy)
      2. Behaviour
      3. Attendance Policy