Pupil Leadership

At Bonneville children have many opportunities to be part of shaping our school community. Pupil Leadership roles are valued as an important part of how children learn, develop and prepare for the wider world.

Our children are proud of the roles they play in our school, because they work hard to achieve them, as we provide them with varied chances to demonstrate their suitability to the roles they wish to apply for.

Voted by democratic Process

School Council

Rory 3W          Zaky 4W                 Alfie 5H              Daniel 6W
Naya 3W         Winter-Lily 4W     Mariam 5F         Amarachi 6W
Jack 3G           Nasir 4N                 Leo 5F                 Tony 6K
Sophie 3G       Anais 4N                Abi 5H                 Jaiyana 6K

House Points Captains

Alicia 6W
Sidik 6W
Shaqai 6K
Karlem 6W

Appointed via employment process

Tuck Shop Monitors

Zaky 4W                            Ava 5H                                Alicia 5F                              
Emily 4W                          Iiylah-Rose 5F                  Ella B 5H                        
Marlow 4W                       Kamari 5H                         
Aiden 4N                           Sophia 5H                          

Library Monitors

Bruk 5H
Clarice 5H
Ella 5F
Noah 5F

Digital Leaders

Lejon 6K                     Ellie 5F
Ruby 5F                      Emile 5H
Shamiya 6K

Sports Leaders

Carter 1F                       Arthur M 5F               Harry 6K             
Ohla 3G                        Cavalli 6K                    Sophia 5H                                   
Mohammad 3W         Felix 6W                       Freddie 2J                                   
Kye 4N                          Adnaan 6W                                             

Peer Mentors

Eco warriors

William 1F              Samantha 3W           Lexie 4W
Isabel 1G                 Monika 3G                 Ava 5H
Aniyah 2C               Feven  4N                  Noah E 6K
Elsie 2J                    Marlowe 4W             James 6W

Bike it

Noah 3W                     Daniel 4N                
Stanislaw 3W             Ibrahim 4N          
Luna 3G                       Qasim 4W
Tyler 3G                       Cavarli 4W

Appointed by staff scouting or pupil request

Sports Officers (playground equipment)
Lunchtime monitors

Pupil Leaders Update November 2021
Eco Warriors Eco Warriors have been elected after writing their manifestos which were presented to their classes.  Eco Mentors will guide the new intake on carrying out tasks around the school.  Tasks will include litter picking, pen collecting, research and promoting the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) both inside and outside school.  Eco Warriors from the older year groups will be in charge of updating the Eco notice boards and researching new initiatives.  As part of our ongoing membership to the Eco Schools Programme we hope to take part in projects around the school and community to achieve the Green Flag.


School Council School Council members were elected at the start of the Autumn term and voted for democratically by their classes.  Our first project was to decide on a whole school fundraising event for Children in Need.  As well as dressing up as a superhero on the day, School Council decided on running an Enterprise Event across the school and coordinated the ideas from their own classes to come together and arrange the whole school event.

They will now be working on projects based around our own school community, looking at how we can develop our school playgrounds and sharing opinions from children across the school, feeding back on our curriculum to school leaders.

Language Leaders The Language Leaders are going to be busy supporting class teachers with their Spanish displays. They are going to be creating vocabulary resources to support the children in their learning of key words in Spanish.
Library Monitors The library leaders are working on keeping the library tidy as it is now used on a daily basis and will be looking to categorise and order books according to genre.
Digital Leaders Digital leaders have gone through their interview process and were selected for showing a passion for helping younger children and adults to improve their computing skills.  Going forward they will be helping to ensure the computer suite is in order, doing regular check-ups on hardware and giving advice across the school where needed.
Sports Leaders The sports leaders have been promoting the importance of exercise, helping to lead exercises during Wellbeing Week to children in all year groups.  They are helping to source resources for P.E lessons and supporting the Mr Wright help to keep P.E resource cupboard tidy.
Creative Leaders The Creative Leaders will be supporting Mr Connelly in his Anti-Bullying ‘Barrier to Bullying Wall’.  They will be working collaboratively to create a piece of Art Work and are hoping to join forces with groups of children from Jessop and Stockwell on a cross partnership project.
Tuckshop Fruitilicious is now open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the Tuckshop leaders are working on rota to help to sell healthy snacks after school. They are responsible for ensuring there is enough stock, serving customers and advertising goods.
Bike it We have had an introductory meeting in which children introduced themselves and why they are in the bike it crew.  The children have decided on a range of activities that they would like to implement in order to further develop our cycling provision at Bonneville.  Dr Bike has been invited to the school in order to ensure that our school bikes, including balance bikes are well maintained.  Children are planning a whole school assembly in order to promote the benefits of cycling and scooting to school.  As further incentive they will be running a weekly competition to reward the class that has the most children travelling to school using this form of transport.  Children are eager to ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike.  They will therefore be supporting Mrs Da Silva in the teaching of cycling to EYFS with the use of balance bikes and will also be supporting tutors in the upcoming bikeability lessons. They would like to identify children in the juniors who are unable to ride and support them to develop cycling skills.  In order to ensure all children have access to affordable bikes, children will be inviting Lambeth’s bike market to attend the school.