Upper Key Stage 2

Assistant Headteacher UKS2 

Florence Kirk-Buaku

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Year 5

Class Assembly 5F – 21/22
Class Assembly 5H – 21/22
Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023- 2024

The latest Year 5 Learning Update!

We have been very busy in year 5 this week. The children have started to combine their place value knowledge with their addition and subtraction knowledge through rounding using number lines and place value charts. In English they have written their own version of Beowulf, travelling through time to recreate the epic poem as a Stone Age narrative. In art the children have been drawing in relation to their key artist this term, Kelvin Okafor, concentrating on the realistic approach to sketches. In Topic the children had a very exciting lesson exploring erosion and weathering- see the pictures attached.  In science they have been exploring the life cycles of insects and amphibians- they should be able to tell you the difference between them!

Homework will be taken home for the first time this Friday 29th September by all children.  They are expected to complete a maths and spelling task in their books.  Maths will be given every two weeks and spellings will be every week with the spelling test taking place on a Thursday or Friday as our timetable allows.  These must be completed and handed in every Wednesday. We feel that in year 5, children should be learning the importance of sticking to a deadline in preparation for year 6, secondary school and beyond. If a child is unable to complete their homework for that week, we ask that they tell their teacher as soon as possible before the deadline. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, but if there is a repeated pattern of not completing or handing in homework, your child will be sent to homework club on a Wednesday lunchtime to complete their missing work. We thank you for your understanding!


Year 6

Class Assembly 6K 2021-2022
Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023-2024

The latest Year 6 Learning Update!

English: This week the children have been learning all about how to write a persuasive letter. We watched a clip from the film Black Panther and saw how angry Erik Killmonger was at the fact that the British museum was housing artefacts from Benin – we shared his feelings. So, the year 6’s were tasked with writing  a letter on behalf of Erik Killmonger to the British museum, asking for the Benin bronze to be returned to present day Nigeria. The children first looked at examples of persuasive letters and identified the features.

They then drafted their letters and worked with their partners to edit and improve their work before finally writing their final letters ready to be sent of to the British museum (we anxiously wait for their reply)!

Maths: We started off the week recapping on how to use the column method to add and subtract numbers to one million and beyond- the year 6’s are now all masters! The year group then looked at multiples, factors and common factors. The week ended with an investigation where children had to work with a partner to explore factors and multiples up to 100:

Science: Year 6 continued with their topic on Evolution and inheritance. The children looked at different forms of fossils and then matched living things to their fossil counterpart. They then went on to compare the images in terms of their similarities and differences.

Topic: This week, the children explored the history of the ancient kingdom of Benin. They have learnt so much already about this ancient kingdom so putting the significant events that this nation had encountered and comparing it to what was happening during the same era in Great Britain, was really insightful.

PHSCE: The children explored the value of the month- Ambition. They thought carefully about their short term and their long-term goals and how they might go about achieving them They then got inspiration from a poet- Karl Nova and created their own poems about Ambition!

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