Upper Key Stage 2

Assistant Headteacher UKS2 

Florence Kirk-Buaku

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Year 5

Class Assembly 5F – 21/22
Class Assembly 5H – 21/22
Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023- 2024

The latest Year 5 Learning Update!

The children have settled quickly and are enjoying our new topics. Our club, Topical Talk has been a success, children and adults enjoying the content. If you would like your child to attend, please email the office for more information. It is a free club that is held on a Thursday between 3.15 and 4.15.

Homework -Please ensure you read the criteria for maths and English- the children should write a sentence for each spelling word. This is a time to practice spelling the word correctly, in context, and also to practice neat, joined handwriting.

Science- Science this term is all about forces. This week the children have completed a mini investigation exploring gravity and the time it takes for different objects to hit the ground. They also explored fair test and ensuring different variables are taken into account.

English-This week in English we have been learning to write instructions. The children highlighted and explained the features of instructions. They also learned how to plan a set of instructions- How to make Honey muffins. We thought carefully about the layout, imperative verbs, fronted adverbials and warnings we should include.

PHSCE -In PSHE this week the children have been exploring the idea of consent online and developing a toolkit to remind themselves of the rules of e-safety. They have also been enjoying the value of the month –Commitment and exploring what commitment means to them.
PE-This half term the children will be performing gymnastic skills and developing different forms of balances.  Please encourage your child to bring a change of clothing (PE kit).We also have PE on a Wednesday and have been asked by Mr Wright for all children to be wearing the appropriate PE kit.

Humanities: Our topic this term is & Microsociety’.  The children are so excited about where this topic is taking them and their learning. There was a democratic vote and as a result we have our society name and flag. The children have written a letter of application for various jobs and will be called for an interview. Prospective prime ministers have been campaigning vigorously for votes and will know the outcome on

Friday after the voting. Good Luck everyone!

Computing: This half term the children will learn coding. They will learn how to simplify a code and create their own simple playable game.

Maths-This week in maths the children have been developing their learning of fractions. They have learnt how to multiply unit and non unit fractions. We also simplified our answers using our knowledge of multiplication. In some cases the children turned top heavy fractions into mixed fractions.

Art- We are artists. This week the children experimented with different art forms. They designed graffiti style writing, thought about colour matching using colour wheels and begun to create their own stencils. Their end results were absolutely amazing-spray paint stencils linked to their own micro society.

Year 6

Class Assembly 6K 2021-2022
Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023-2024

The latest Year 6 Learning Update!

We have kicked off the Spring Term full speed and are already working hard.  We have begun to look ahead to the end of KS2 assessments (SATs), which will take place in May; we have begun to prepare for this in supporting us in preparing for the tests and to revise and cover the curriculum to help embed it.  A huge well done to all of those children who have been attending the before and after school booster sessions, please do ensure that you attend the boosters that you have been invited to and that you are on time to the morning sessions.  A big thank you to all of the school staff who are leading these.

A reminder that Music lessons will continue on Mondays and P.E. lessons will be on Mondays and Fridays.  We do ask that PE kits are left at school as we do sometimes have last minute changes to our timetable.  Homework will continue to be sent out on Fridays and returned on Wednesdays.  Each week there will be a spelling homework, which will come home in books and the children must complete all the tasks and write correctly punctuated sentences, ensuring that they are using their neatest handwriting (this is an opportunity for them to practise handwriting, which is part of the Year writing assessment).  Maths homework will be sent home in books every second week – look out for the Knowledge Organisers on Google Classroom to support with these, each week the expectation is also that the children are going on Times Tables Rock Stars and competing in the Tournament.  All homework is monitored each week, and any uncompleted or not handed in will be invited to “Homework Club”.  Each half term, the expectation is also complete a piece of Topic / Science homework.

Maths:  In Maths, we have been looking at Algebra and Decimals.  Algebra initially scared us a year group, but when we started thinking about it as “Missing Numbers”, then it helped our understanding.  We will be focusing on Decimals for the rest of this half term – rounding decimals, adding and subtracting decimals, multiplying and dividing decimals, and applying our knowledge and understanding to worded questions and reasoning and problem solving.  During each Maths session, we will be beginning to revise key areas and practising arithmetic and reasoning questions to help prepare us for the SATs.

English:  Our English learning is linked to our topic “Route 66”.  We have been doing a narrative ‘suspense / horror’ genre focused on a story set in an American setting, “The Watertower”.  We used this book to explore the genre and look at the features, thinking about vocabulary and punctuation choices, creating suspense and atmosphere and using dialogue to move a narrative on.  This week, we have planned, drafted, edited and published our own suspense stories based on “The Watertower”.  Next week, our focus is a non-fiction genre of Biographies, and we will look at, research and write biographies on significant African American individuals.

Humanities:  Our topic is “Route 66”.  We explore the History, the culture and Geography of the United States of America.  In History, we looked at when modern day America was first colonised and then an overview of significant events in American History.  We then carried out independent research on one of these events, and then presented this information ina poster and verbally shared with the class.  In Geography, we are looking at the human and physical geography of North America.

Science:  Our Science topic is “Light”.  Having found out about the American inventor of the modern day traffic lights and gas mask, Garret Morgan, we have continued to explore and investigate how light travels.

Art & DT:  This half term our focus is on Art with a focus on painting.  We will be looking at the American artist, Kehinde Wilde and taking inspiration from him to create our own self portraits.  This week, we explored colour mixing and creating different skin tones.

PSHCE:  This half term, we will be having an important focus on First Aid and keeping safe.

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