Upper Key Stage 2

Assistant Headteacher UKS2 

Florence Kirk-Buaku

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PGL – Year 6 Residential 

Year 5

Class Assembly 5F – 21/22
Class Assembly 5H – 21/22
Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023 

The latest Year 5 Learning Update!

Year 5 have been working extremely hard in all areas of the curriculum!
Please ensure your child is reading regularly at home and support them where possible – this is imperative if we are to close the vocabulary gap and enable our children to be the best they can.

Maths: In Maths this week, we have been looking at fractions. The children have been developing their fluency by using bar models, number lines and fraction wheels. We learned how to multiply non-unit fractions by an integer and to write the answers as a mixed number if greater than 1. They moved on to multiplying a mixed number fraction by an integer. Lastly, they went to calculate fractions of a quantity. The children will be consolidating their learning via MyMaths and Times Tables Rock Stars as part of their homework.

English: Our English genre is non-chronological reports. This is a type of factual writing, written in the third person with various sub-headings. We have read a range of reports and identified the features. Next week, we will be using all that we have learned to write a non-chronological report about The Windrush.

R.E: In R.E this term, we will be exploring Hinduism. This week we looked at ‘Karma’, and how this affects a Hindu’s daily life. We also planned our own vegetarian meal

Science: Our Science this term is Forces: This week we have investigated friction and how it acts. The children enjoyed working in groups to find out which surface uses the most newtons to move the shoe. They made predictions and recorded the controlled and independent variables.

Science: Our P.E days are Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure that you have your P.E kits at school at all times.  We will be learning Gymnastics. 

Computing: This half term we will be using the program Purple Mash to develop our coding skills.

PHSE: The children have been learning how to stay safe in different situations. They enjoyed roleplaying what to do in an emergency.


Year 6

Class Assembly 6K 2021-2022
Spring Term Knowlege Organiser – 2023

The latest Year 6 Learning Update!

Last week in Year 6, we held Mock SATs with the children. All the children have had their marks given back to them and we have gone through the papers with them to help them to gauge and assess what areas they need to focus on. We will work on these during our interventions and boosters. The boosters have now started after and before school on a Tuesday and a Thursday: these will be a vital revision and teaching time with teachers and will help them greatly. Our Music lessons take place on Mondays – please do remember to bring in your instruments each week and to practise at home. We also have P.E. lessons on a Monday and a Friday, please ensure that your P.E. kits are left at school for the week in case of any changes – they can be taken home at weekends to wash. Ensure that you are doing your homework online – it will always be placed on Google Classroom – and read every day, remembering to write in your Reading Records.

Maths: We have been looking at algebra in Maths, which was a new area of Maths for most of our children. We explored expression, formula and substitution. As a new concept, we really had to wrap our heads around using numbers, symbols and letters! We have now started looking at Decimals – so far we have thought about place value and what the value of digits are in a 3 decimal place number, rounding of numbers with 3 decimal places and adding and subtracting decimals. Maths homework will continue to be set on MyMaths and Times Tables Rock Stars – ensure that you are completing this. Additional Maths homework may be set to support interventions and boosters.

English: Our English learning is heavily linked to our topic “Route 66”. We are using the American children’s book “The Watertower” to explore the importance of using ‘show-don’t-tell’ descriptive language to describe characters and settings and create an atmosphere within a narrative. This week we have had a focus on dialogue, and how this can move a plot on, tell the story and share emotions of the characters, and we have also explored how we can use figurative language to create an atmosphere in the setting.

Humanities: : Our topic is “Route 66”. This topic looks at the United States of America and compares it to the United Kingdom. In History, we have carried out independent research and present our findings of key significant events in American history. We will be going on to explore the Gold Rush in the USA – what happened, why and its impacted on the USA. In Geography, we have explored the Americas and their place within the context of the World, and specifically on the continent of North America and the countries that it comprises of. We will go on to look at the Geographical features of the United States of America.

Reading : In our Guided Reading sessions, we focus on a text a week and work through retrival, comprehension as well as providing our own opinions and exploring the organisational and presentational structure. We have been using past SATs paper reading texts to familiarise ourselves with the style of texts and questions that they will ask us. We always enjoy free reading each day, and it is important that we are continuing to read at home and submit entries in our Reading Records, which are reviewed regularly by class teachers.

Science: In Science this half term, we will be focusing on Physics, and our unit is on Light. In this unit, we will learn about light, how we see, shadows, reflection and refraction. Last week, we focused on how light travels and how this enables us to see objects, we thought about rays / beams of light and understood that they travelled in a straight line, we then thought about what happened when a mirror was involved.

Art & DT: This half term our focus is on Art with a focus on painting. We have looked at the American artist Norman Rockwell, exploring some of his work and finding out about him. As Norman Rockwell is particularly well known for his portraits and paintings of people in different situations, this week we have focused on mixing colour, in particular mixing skin tones. 

PSHE: In PSHE this half term, we are looking at online safety and decision making. Our focus will be values for living in Modern Britain and First Aid focusing on basic life support: choking and the recovery position.