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3G Class Assembly

3G put on a class assembly to KS2 and to their parents and carers. They showcased their learning from their WW2 topic “Conflict in Clapham” and their Ancient Mayan “Rainforest” topic. They also taught us of the importance of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle ♻️ through song.

4N Showcase

4N showcased all their learning from across the curriculum covering Maths, English, Topic amongst other subjects. They have really grown in confidence this year. Well done.

1G Class Assembly

1G performed their class assembly to KS1 and their parents and carers. They shared all their learning from their “Under the Sea” topic sharing songs, writing and much more. Well done.

Year 4 Trip to London Zoo

The Year 4 children had a wonderful trip to London Zoo @zsllondonzoo on Friday. They did themselves and @bonnevilleps proud, all whilst having fun, learning lots and seeing some wonderful animals. A huge thank you to our parent helpers. The Y4 children were so lucky that they got to see some amazing animals during their trip to London Zoo @zsllondonzoo A rich learning experience and much discussions linked to their Science and Topic learning.

Creativity & Enterprise Fair

Creativity & Enterprise Week was a HUGE success. Congratulations to everyone for all of their hard work and enterprising abilities. The Summer in the City (very British ☔️) fair was brilliant. Thank you everyone who supported us. #summerinthecity #enterprise #creativity

Year 5 are busy prepping onions 🧅🧅 for the Creativity & Enterprise Fair. What could they be for? 🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭 FIVE DOGS #marketing 

Year 6s prepping for their FROSTED FRENZIES Enterprise Stall for the Summer In The City fair today! Come check us out for iced tea 🧊🧋☕️🧊 amongst other frozen favourites. #marketing #summerinthecity

Sports Day

EYFSs Sports Day. A bit of anxious wait whilst rain stopped play 🌧 then the fun began ☀️. Everyone was a winner – well done to all who took part. Thanks to everyone who organised and our Sports Leads, as well as everyone who came and supported!

KS1s Sports Day at Clapham Common. The sun shone down ☀️ and lots of fun was had by all the children. A huge congratulations to the Green Woodpeckers 💚 for their win! Thank you to the KS2 Sports Leads for all their help and to everyone who organised and supported.

A huge well done to the children chosen to represent their house for their year group. In the girls’ race it was a win for the Yellow Canaries 💛 and in the boys race it was a win for the Blue Kingfishers 💙 Everyone should be proud.

Parents, family and friends races have always been a big deal at @bonnevilleps Sports Days. Today was no different! Up sevonf were the males. A huge well done to everyone who competed and to the eventual winner.

A huge thank you to @ArkEvelynGrace for hosting KS2s Sports Day especially their Sports Leads. It was a huge success and fun was had by all. Thank you to all the adults involved in organising it and to the parent helpers. A huge well done to all the children too.

2W Class Assembly

2W explained how they have been comparing Tokyo and London in their “Doing the Lambeth Walk” topic. They used their knowledge of Tokyo to rewrite ‘Katie in London’ as ‘Katie in Tokyo’. They shared the new vocabulary they had learnt in their lessons.

5F Class Assembly

Thank you to 5F for their fantastic class assembly today. The children wrote, starred, and even produced the slideshow! They showcased this term’s learning on “Microsociety” and we found out what they’ve been learning in Topic, English, Maths, PE amongst other things. Fabulous 5F.

Pacegirl Books

The very kind and lovely @LawrencePatrice gave me signed copies of two of her books, plus a special tote bag for her next book. I’m donating them to the @bonnevilleps summer fair raffle so head to Bonneville in Clapham on 10 July to buy your tickets.

Year 3 Visit to Brockwell Community Greenhouse

Y3 visited Brockwell Community Greenhouses @GardenBrockwell to learn about the life cycle of plants. They explored why plants have different shaped leaves & how this helps them. They dissected flowers to find parts involved in pollination-there’s 15,000 different pollinators!

Class 2I Assembly

We learnt about their topic “Doing the Lambeth Walk”. They explained that they have been making comparisons between Tokyo & London – locating England & Japan; ordering key events from their history; sketching techniques; and stories. So much learning

Year 5 Class Assembly

We got to watch 5H’s Class Assembly. They did a brilliant job showcasing learning across their curriculum in their “Windrush” and “Microsociety” topics. We had singing, drumming, dancing, basketball, poetry, narratives, non-chronological reports, Maths and much more!

HeadTeachers Award

One of our Year 6 children got a HEADTEACHERS AWARD sticker today for his writing. He’s really embraced the research, planning and writing of diary entries from the perspective of a passenger on the RMS Titanic, linked to their “Survivor” topic. Proud moment

Pupil Profit 

We launched Bonne-FILL Eco Refill stall with @PupilsProfit  It was a success and we’ll be back selling on Fridays and Wednesdays after school. Bring your own bottles🧴or purchase one of our reusable ones for £1.50 and fill up with hand soap, body wash and washing up liquid.

Pupil Profit 

Can’t wait for the launch of Bonne-Fill ECO Refill Shop today @bonnevilleps– I’ve got my 500ml bottles ready to refill. The children have worked very hard – let’s help them reduce plastic by refilling as part of the school routine! Remember your empty bottles! #plasticwaste

Year 6 KidZania

Year 6 have arrived @KidZaniaLondon and we’re so excited about our day ahead!  Y6 being taught the importance of different roles in the world and how to have fun! Police officers, dancers, fashion designers and fire fighters. Y6 learnt so much during their trip to @KidZaniaLondon and had so much fun learning important roles including looking after cars, radio presenting, shop workers and for the emergency services.

Year 6 Bake Sale

Y6 are busy baking for the Year 6 Bake Sale at 3pm today – Friday 27th May. Please come and support us outside the main gate!

Year 6 PJ Day

Y6 are loving Pyjama Day. But nothing stops us from working hard and publishing our peer edited and up-levelled writing! Perhaps we’ll benefit from the coziness of our PJs!

International Day

The moment everyone was waiting for, the naming of the 🐥🔜🐓 Ms Parker finally drew out the names from the ballot box, joining Rosie we now have: Luna, Esmeralda, Mischief, Maddy and Fuzz! Welcome to the Bonneville family!

Easter Bonnet Parade

Year 5 Carnival

Paddington Production

Welcome Back Class of 2019

Art Enrichment session

Red Nose Day 


Book Fair 2022

Science week 

International Women’s Day

World Book Day 2022

Year 5 Ufton Court Residential Trip 

Year 4 Ufton Court Residential Trip


Dress Up Day and Well-being 

Front Garden Development

Thank you to a group of parents who have been working hard to develop our front garden into a communal space to connect with nature. Thank you for continuing this work, at times that is safe for us all. We can see the garden is beginning to take shape.

Year 6 Spring Update

It has been a very busy time in Year 6. Just before half term, the children took part in Survivor Day. They thought about all of the science and topic learning that they had completed during the half term, and used this to think about how they would survive in the wild.

The children also completed their DT unit on healthy soups. They had investigated different soups; they then worked in groups to design, make and evaluate their own soups. They had a brilliant time, exploring flavour combinations – we may have some budding chefs in our midst.

This week, we started Book Group with Henry Cavendish. The children were reading The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo. They discussed the story, thinking about the characters and events. Both the questions, and the children’s answers were very thought provoking (we even got retweeted by the author herself). We are ready for our next book, which is very different. Keep an eye on Twitter to see what we think of it.

Black History Month- ‘Black British Icons of our Time’ – Thursday 4th October

This month, in recognition of Black History Month, we are focusing our assemblies and events on Black British Current and Historical influences.

We hosted ‘A Culture Vibe Lunch’ in the dining hall, where we focussed on flavours and music of black culture.

The tables were named after famous black British industry experts, of which each child had the opportunity to post their answers to which industries they think each personality belongs to.

Congratulations to Year 6 who posted the most correct answers.

KS2 Sports Day at Tooting Rec – Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Well done to all the children for taking part in Sport Day this year. Congratulations to our overall winners in KS2, The Red Robbins Team. Well done to our parent winners, female parent race Natalie and Ellie, male parent race Jamie’s Dad and returning winner Akeem. Thank you for the tremendous turn out of parents and all the effort from staff who made it a truly fantastic Sports Day.

Children in Need- Bonneville Go Spotacular!

Our digital leaders took photographs of some special outfits worn for Children in Need


Remembrance Day at Bonneville- Captured by the Digital Leaders

At Bonneville Primary School, we have remembered those who have died in World War I/II. We have been doing activities in classrooms. The early years of Bonneville (Nursery and Reception) have been making poppies using a leaf and dyed pasta for the outside and inside of the poppy. In year two and year four they were making poppies out of card and wore them. In year five, 5K were writing on the white board about World War I and II and 5S took a picture of all the people that have family and veterans that battled/ played a part in either World War I or II standing next to the smartboard that had a picture of a poppy on it. Why poppies represent all the soldiers that died is because in 1915’s Spring, a Canadian doctor, after losing a friend, was inspired by seeing poppies in fields to write a poem that is called ‘In Flanders Fields’. After World War I, due to that reason, the poppy was made a sign of remembrance.


Year 4 Newspaper Articles – Armistice Day

 Click here for a larger view of the Year 4 newspaper articles

Extreme Reading Competition

Here are the brilliant entries we received for the extreme reading competition

Science Week at Bonneville

Bonneville Summer Fair – Saturday 18th June 2016

South London Samba Peform at Bonneville International Evening

South London Samba are a group of young people who love to drum. They play music inspired by Latin, Caribbean and African rhythms, blended together with a South London vibe.

Y3 Trip to Kew Gardens

Y1 Trip to the Museum of Childhood


Year 3 Workshop: “Groundwork London: Energy Gardens”

The children had to classify groups of plants, the all planted their own seeds to take home, and we were given hanging baskets and plants for the school.


Wizard of Oz – April 2016