School Council

School Council 2016-2017

At Bonneville, we place great importance on giving children the opportunity to develop a wide range of inter-personal skills. This is often done by giving pupils positions of responsibility within our school. One such example is School Council. This is made up of 2 children from each class in Key Stage 2 elected by their peers at the beginning of each school year.

School Council meets on a regular basis each term and the children are encouraged to share and develop ideas and identify priorities to help improve the outcomes and experiences of the pupils in our school. Those elected are the representatives of their classmates and the ‘student voice’ for the children at Bonneville. They are encouraged to communicate the ideas and opinions of the other children and share these with staff members to help drive the school forward.

This may involve making improvements to the school environment; fundraising to help a charity or to buy equipment, or running campaigns in school, highlighting key issues of importance to the children, such as internet safety or road safety awareness.

Our school counsellors take their responsibilites very seriously and are great role models for the other children throughout the school. Their opinions and ideas are hugely important to the life of Bonneville and help us to improve the experiences and running of our school each term.


So far this year, School Council have been working with our school lunch catering company, Caterlink and our catering staff to discuss their views on the types of food being offered in the dining hall each day. The children have made a display highlighting healthy food options and this is now proudly hanging in the dining hall! In addition, School Council in conjunction with Miss Heffernan and Mr Connelly, will be reviewing Bonneville’s Healthy Food Policy.

Pupils have also designed a questionnaire which children have completed across the school, asking for their ideas and opinions on how they feel about Bonneville at present. The answers from this are being collated by Miss Parker as we speak!

More recently, School Council have met with our Chair of Governors about some of the recent changes to our school environment including our new reception area and our brand new ICT suite. The feedback they gave was very positive indeed.

The children are currently preparing for an e-safety assembly and are planning ideas for this over the next few weeks.