South Balham Cluster

The SBC is made up of 5 local schools:

Bonneville, Henry Cavendish, Telferscot, Kings Avenue and Iqra.


To work together, both within schools and with our partner organisations, to share ideas, resources and expertise across the settings to support and facilitate the highest outcomes in attainment and aspirations for our pupils, parents, families, staff and wider communities.

The benefits of schools working together as a cluster is that they are better able to provide;

  • Projects to extend and enrich the school curriculum and a range of extra-curricular activities for pupils.
  • Further training for staff and opportunities to network, share good practice and resources.
  • Specialist services working across cluster schools to support children and young people.

We run a number of exciting projects as a cluster. For pupils these include enrichment days (dance, art, music, drama) and inter- school Sports Tournaments.

For staff we facilitate cross school moderation of standards in Maths, Reading and Writing, Subject Leaders network of professionals to enhance school curriculum, sharing of best practice with opportunities for cross school observations.

Lambeth Schools Partnership LSP

Working together to sustain education excellence in Lambeth


The LSP is an umbrella organisation where the Local Authority, schools and settings can work in partnership to accelerate school improvement across the borough and provide professional challenge and support. It will co-ordinate, signpost to and broker a range of other providers offering training and traded support services which will be available via Lambeth School Services, Teaching Schools and Clusters. Bonneville represents the South Balham Cluster as a board member.

More Details

The primary focus of the LSP will be on collaboration for school improvement for all schools, not just for those experiencing difficulties  and on achieving the best educational outcomes for the children and young people of Lambeth. The LSP vision and values are at one with those of the Council, and its focus on improving outcomes for our children and young people is reflected in a commitment to specific, targeted outcomes. Further, school improvement is a system-wide endeavour. This proposal would make the LSP responsible for school improvement in Lambeth alongside core school improvement staff who are responsible for the statutory function. The Local Authority will retain its statutory duties to ensure school effectiveness, however all partners will be expected to

  • Sign up to the LSP vision and values
  • Contribute expertise to partner schools
  • Be Willing to offer peer support
  • Share best practice
  • Elect through school clusters members of the Partnership Board
  • Provide feedback on services received whether paid for or in kind
  • Be willing to take responsibility for outcomes beyond own school

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