Key Stage 1

Assistant Headteacher EYFS

Martine Auton

Phase Leader Martine Auton

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Year 1

1C Class Assembly  – 2021/22
1J Class Assembly – 2021/22
Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023-2024

The latest Year 1 Learning Update!

Year 1 have kick started the New Year with an even better attitude towards their education. They are all super excited about the new learning that will take place as we dive into our Spring topic, ‘Taking Flight.’

In English, we have begun reading the story ‘The way back home’, where the children have enjoyed using talk for writing actions to help them memories the story. They then put themselves in the role of the main character and wrote a diary entry ensuring that it included all the essential elements: capital letters, finger spaces, adjectives and conjunctions.

We’ve made cross-curricular links by linking this story to our computing lessons whereby the children started learning about illustrations and animations. They sketched out the two main characters from the story and over the next few weeks will work on replicating their sketches using a computer program and will later turn these into animations.

Last term the children consolidated their knowledge of numbers to 10 in Maths and this term we will be focussing on numbers to 20. This week the children have worked on using various resources to support them in working out word problems and have been encouraged by the teachers to verbally explain how they have worked out the answers ensuring that they use key vocabulary when doing so.

Mr. Wright has jumped straight back in to PE teaching the children Gymnastics for this half-term. The children were reminded of the importance of warming up and were encouraged to reflect on how their bodies feel after a warm up activity. During the lesson the children used their bodies to create letter shapes and were reminded that a balance is only a balance if it is held for at least 5 seconds!

Year 2

Class Assembly 2I –  2021/22
Class Assembly 2W  – 2021/22

Spring Term Knowledge Organiser- 2023-2024

The latest Year 2 Learning Update!

In Maths this week, we learned to multiply by making groups and divide by sharing. 

In English we started looking at non-fiction texts and identified the features of non-chronological reports. We had the opportunity to watch Mrs Da Silva start a fire in forest school and then ended the week writing a poem about fire using our senses.

In Art we experimented different techniques of printing using leaves. We printed using paint, felt tips and pencils. We found that paint and felt tips were the most effective.

In Geography we explored direction using compass points and had so much fun directing bee bots around our table.

In computing we learned to respond to emails.

In PSHE we learned about road safety and were able to identify ways of keeping ourselves safe on the road.