Key Stage 1

Assistant Headteacher EYFS

Martine Auton

Phase Leader Martine Auton

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Year 1

1C Class Assembly  – 2021/22
1J Class Assembly – 2021/22
Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023
Summer Term Knowledge Organiser -2023

The latest Year 1 Learning Update!



English: In English, Year 1 have been writing their very own fact file about blue whales. We started off with the title and the introduction. Did you know that the blue whale is the largest mammal in the world?

We then wrote about their diet, appearance and habitat. One of the facts we included was that you can find the blue whale in all the oceans in the world except the Arctic. Our wow facts included that the blue whale’s blood vessels are so wide you could swim through them! We even enjoyed hearing that their tongue is as heavy as an elephant!

Maths: In Maths we have been learning to find halves. We started off by finding half of a shape and then practised finding half of amounts. We learnt that halving is the opposite to doubling and that we can only half even numbers.

GeographyIn Geography we learnt about seaside physical features. We started off by identifying the feature and describing it. We then had so much fun creating clue cards for our friends to guess the feature we had drawn.

Science:  In Science we explored different types of fish and learnt about the purpose of their different features.

R.E:  In RE we learnt about prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) migration to medina.

P.E: In PE we have been getting ready for sports day and practicing all of the skills we need for the different games.

Year 2

Class Assembly 2I –  2021/22
Class Assembly 2W  – 2021/22

Spring Term Knowledge Organiser- 2023
Summer Term Knowledge Organisers – 2023

The latest Year 2 Learning Update!

English:  In English, we have been looking at book reviews and thinking about what you need to include when writing a review. Using this learning, we then wrote our own book review on Katie in Scotland!

Maths: Last week we finished our learning on fractions and started our new unit on statistics. We reviewed tally charts and thought about their similarities and differences to a table. We were able to collect, record and then interpret our own data. Our learning then culminated in drawing and interpreting a pictogram.

R.E:  In RE, we have carried on with our learning on Sikhism. We learnt about their place of worship, the Gurdwara and the rooms inside. We also learnt about the Guru Granth Sahib and why it is important to Sikhs.

Science: We have been learning about Plants! We have looked at the parts of a plant and what they need in order to grow. Our focus this week was to come up with an investigation question to do with the growth of a seed. We thought about the variable and what we could observe and used that to come up with a class question!

PSHE: For our learning in PSHE, we have carried on thinking about how we can keep ourselves safe when we encounter hazardous substances at home. We identified risks in different scenarios and what we could do to keep ourselves safe.

Topic: This week in history, we have carried on learning about Japan! In particular, we researched the Great fire of Meireki and compared it to the Great fire of London.

Spanish: This week in Spanish, we consolidated our learning on farm animals. We were able to use our knowledge of numbers and colours to name and describe different animals. We were also able to use the masculine and feminine form for each animal.