Key Stage 1

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Martine Auton

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Year 1

1C Class Assembly  – 2021/22
1J Class Assembly – 2021/22
Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023-2024

The latest Year 1 Learning Update!

This week in Year 1 we have been super excited to have our teddy bears spend the week with us as part of our ‘Toys’ topic. In Geography we have begun exploring our local area starting off with our school and its surrounding roads.  We were introduced to key vocabulary such as ‘aerial view’ and ‘fieldwork’ and also used Google Earth to look at our school from a ‘Birds eye view.’ We found it so cool that we could see exactly what our school looks like! We later took our teddy bears on an adventure around our school to explore the different areas of the indoor and outdoor environment and their key features. To finish off our lesson we had a go at drawing our classroom from a birds eye view.

English has been great fun this week. We have been exploring the story ‘Lost in the Toy Museum.’ At the beginning of the week we read half of the story and then completed a piece of writing predicting how we thought the story might end. A few days later we read the rest of the story and a few of us found that our predictions were pretty accurate. On Thursday learnt about body language and facial expression and how we can use these to communicate how we are feeling. We used these skills to perform the key events of the story to our friends. Ms Greenland and Miss Lindars said our performances made her feel like she was at the theatre and we even got a special shout out in Mr. Connelly assembly. Fridays are our ‘Big Write Fridays’ and this week we retold the story in our own words. The teachers were so impressed with our writing that they are going to use our work to display in the classroom.

Year 2

Class Assembly 2I –  2021/22
Class Assembly 2W  – 2021/22

Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser- 2023-2024

The latest Year 2 Learning Update!

Year 2 have really enjoyed being authors this week. We used the story of ‘Amazing Grace’ as a model to help us write our own story. We started off the week creating story maps to help us remember the sequence of the story. We then spent a lesson using talk for writing actions to retell our story to our peers which then helped us write our story over two days.

 In Maths we have been comparing numbers. We started the week off looking at different representations of number which then helped us to compare objects. Towards the end of the week, we were able to use our knowledge of place value to compare numbers, using inequality symbols.

 We had so much fun in Art where we looked at a range of collaging techniques and then had a go at creating our own collages using these different techniques. 

 In RE we recapped the different places of worship of the religions we have previously learnt about. We then looked at the Jewish place of worship, the Synagogue. We learnt about the different parts of the Synagogue and talked about the importance of each part. We know that our Jewish friends had a special celebration this week called ‘Yom Kippur’ this week!

 We learned all about Mary Kingsley in History and found out that she was an inspirational person because she found many different species of insects, one new species of fish and an unknown snake. She even fought off a crocodile and a hippo and survived a tornado! We enjoyed writing about what we think we saw along the way.

 In computing, we have continued our learning of algorithms. This week were able to set a timer to the program to make a rabbit disappear and then re-appear again.