BJS Federation of Schools

The Federation

Bonneville Primary School have now formed a Federation with the Jessop and Stockwell Primary Schools. The Federation aims to support and enable the delivery of high-quality education and experiences at the point of delivery within the communities to which they serve. The Federation is committed to ensuring no school, within this agreement, is left behind by:

  • Establishing a culture of sharing, supporting and enabling each other to get the best for our children
  • Setting high expectations for all and ensuring they are met
  • Making use of our expertise so all schools benefit
  • Plan a program of cross-school events to maximise pupil engagement and memorable learning experiences for children
  • Train and develop staff to support teacher retention and stability for all schools
  • Share resources, to maintain our quality of provision and reduce teacher workload
  • Ensure all schools benefit from economies of scale

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Andrea Parker
Executive Headteacher 

BJS Federation of Schools


Overall responsibility for the Federation and running of each school. Manages the day to day running of Bonneville Primary School.

Kenneth Baffoe
Head of School

Jessop Primary School

Manages the day to day running of Jessop Primary School.

Zenia McIntosh
Acting Head of School of Stockwell

Stockwell Primary School

Manages the day to day running of Stockwell Primary School.