Lower Key Stage 2

Assistant Headteacher LKS2

Jacqui Napier 

Phase Timetable

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Year 3

LKS2 Paddington On Stage Production – 21/22
Class Assembly 3S – 21/22
 Class Assembly 3G – 21/22

Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023

The latest Year 3 Learning Update!

Year 3 have been steaming ahead with their World War 2 topic!

Geography :  In Geography we have been learning about English counties and rivers. We have been thinking about what counties would have been safer areas during the war and would have been destinations for evacuated children. We drew and labelled rivers on to maps of the United Kingdom and explored the countries of the UK using atlases.

History: In History, we have been learning about rationing and the effects it had on everyday life during World War 2. We looked at ration books and examples of the amounts that people were allocated. Learning about rationing and the importance it had on creating food equality in Britain, helped us to create our own rationing propaganda posters.

Computing: We have been manipulating propaganda images in Computing. We manipulated the size, colour and contrast of posters to make them our own. We recapped searching and sharing images safely and legally.

Maths: In Maths, we have been learning about metres, centimetres and millimetres. We have been converting them to equivalent units and comparing and ordering measurements. To finish the week, we have learnt how to add and subtract lengths using the column method, ready for perimeter work next week.

English: We have been learning about persuasive writing in English. We started the week writing to Ms Parker, trying to persuade her to allow Year 3 to have a class pet. We then focused on the different features needed in persuasive writing using propaganda posters as our inspiration. On Friday, our Big Write will be writing another letter to Ms Parker – noting how our persuasive writing has improved over the week.


Year 4

LKS2 Paddington On Stage Production – 21/22

Class Assembly 4H – 21/22

Class assembly 4W – 21/22

Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023

The latest Year 4 Learning Update!

Year 4 had the most amazing time at Ufton Court last week. We are so proud of how independent they were! From the minute we got there, we were immersed into Roman life recreating battle scenes, making fires out of wood foraged in the forest and enjoying a fabulous feast!

This week the children have thrown themselves back into their learning. We have now finished our final week of the ‘Imagine a story’ writing project. The children have written wonderful stories. We can’t wait to send them off the ‘South Bank Centre’ and get them published in a real life book!

Art & DT: In art, we have been looking at the colour wheel and been making our own secondary and tertiary colours! 

Geography:  In geography, we learnt all about lines of latitude and longitude. The children amazed us by using coordinates to find different continents and countries! 

Maths: In maths, we have been learning how to multiple and divide 3 digit numbers by 1. A tricky skill but the children have worked very hard to grasp the concept! Look out of the MTC (multiplication check) workshop next week.

Well done for an amazing week!