Lower Key Stage 2

Assistant Headteacher LKS2

Jacqui Napier 

Phase Timetable

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Year 3

LKS2 Paddington On Stage Production – 21/22
Class Assembly 3S – 21/22
 Class Assembly 3G – 21/22

Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023
Summer Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023

The latest Year 3 Learning Update!

Another fantastic week in Year 3. 

English : In English we have been planning our own Just So stories set in the Amazon rainforest. We have seen some very creative and original ideas with butterflies getting their colours by flying through the rainbow, piranhas using fish bones for teeth and some show off sloths getting their comeuppance. We can’t wait to read them all!
Next week we will be exploring Benjamin Zephaniah’s poems on being a child in modern Britain. Have a chat with your family to find out some facts about your culture and heritage. You are going to be interviewed by your friends so make sure you have found out some facts! You could ask your family about any traditions your culture, any special foods or celebrations or any special places you might have visited

These are the questions your interviewer will be asking you tomorrow:
– What is your heritage?
– What is your favourite thing about your heritage?
– Are there any special celebrations in your culture?
– Is there any special food in your culture?
– What’s the one thing you would like to know about your culture?
– Is there any special music or dances in your culture?
– Are there any traditions in your culture?

Topic: In Topic this week we looked at the weather and the climate of different rainforests. We discussed how their location affects their climate and wrote weather reports. In RE we explored the importance of fasting in Ramadan. 

Maths: In Maths we are continuing our work on telling the time – we will be using both analogue and digital clocks so please take any opportunities to practise this at home. 

Year 4

LKS2 Paddington On Stage Production – 21/22

Class Assembly 4H – 21/22

Class assembly 4W – 21/22

Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023
Summer Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023

The latest Year 4 Learning Update!

We firstly want to say, a huge well done to the year 4 children for 2 absolutely amazing performances this week! They were brilliant on stage, they all performed amazingly well and we could not be more proud!!

Maths : In maths, it’s been all about decimals! We’ve learnt how to read and write tenths as fractions and decimals and converted between them. We’ve used place value charts to represent tenths and even began using number lines for tenths!

English: In english, we’ve been learning how to write a biography, and have been writing all about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a famous engineer from the Victorian era. We’ve planned, drafted and published some amazing work where they’ve used formal language, fronted adverbials, key dates and have even written in chronological order.

Topic:  In topic, we’ve learnt all about the physical features of Peru. We learnt that are 3 different climate zones, semi-arid in the desert, mountainous in the mountains and tropical in the rainforest!

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to the book fair and bought books or supplies!!

Thank you so much for your continued support, we really appreciate it.

We have had a wonderful week supporting Year 4 in their production of Archibald’s War – thank you to everyone who came to see us and helped practise songs and create costumes. In English we finished writing our historical narrative based on the book Skyward and the experiences of female pilots in WW2. We will start learning about recounts and write our own recount of VE Day this week and next week. In Maths we learned about equivalent weights and how to use scales in g and kg. In Science, we have been learning how to protect ourselves from UV rays. We are coming to the end of our WW2 topic and looked at propaganda posters whether these are reliable sources. Next week we will be celebrating our topic with a dress up day on Thursday 30th March where we spend the day as WW2 evacuees and end with our own WW2 street party. In science we also looked at the different types of scientist and discussed which ones we would like to be.