We believe that reading is a form of communication and a culture of reading needs to be nurtured.

Reading and writing float in a sea of talk
– James Britton


Reading is a valued activity at school. We strongly encourage reading for pleasure, taking part in national competitions, running book fairs, drop-everything-and-read assemblies. After school, we offer both a book club and a library club.

A range of different approaches are used to encourage reading development: in the early years and KS1 phonics are taught through the letters and sounds programme. Throughout KS2, shared reading and response to reading become more diagnostic where children review text through talk, retrieval, inference, structure, grammar and context. Children are encouraged to explore different genres and a range of texts.

We believe that developing children as readers requires a blend of approaches: phonics, reading for pleasure, word reading and comprehension.

We believe that reading at home is essential. It is equally important for a Year 6 child to be heard read, and to have stories read to them, as it is for an emerging reader.


Writing style is absorbed from reading and literature. The imaginative and creative process, stimulated by reading experiences, is merged to the mechanics of writing: punctuation, grammar, spelling. We pride ourselves on equipping children with a writer’s toolkit, which enables children to see themselves as authors. Editing and publishing work is an important part of the writing process and one which develops through a child’s time at Bonneville.