Early Years Foundation Stage

Assistant Headteacher EYFS

Martine Auton


Martine Auton

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Reception & Nursery Christmas Play – 21/22
Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023

The Latest Nursery Learning Update!

We visited space and Dinosaur world on our magical journey. In communication and language, children engaged in role play by using the small world dinosaurs to organise their play. Children learned names of some of our planets and dinosaurs. Children have learned a wide range of vocabulary as we continue this magical journey.

Maths: In math, we looked at comparing quantities using the vocabulary, ‘more than’ and ‘fewer than’.

Literacy: In literacy, we have been reading ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Dinosaur Roar’ and had a go at retelling the stories. We had lots of fun acting out the stories with our friends and practising the writing of our names. In phonics we explored voice sounds and will continue helping our robot friend metal mike to blend his sounds to form words.

Physical, Social & Emotional Development : In PSED, children selected their own resources during play choosing the items they thought would enable them to achieve their chosen objective. Children interacted positively through dialogue using their imagination during play.

Physical : In Physical development, children used different recyclable materials to build their individual rockets and joined these together with adhesives such as tape and glue. We all worked together to build a super rocket which we think can fly us to space. We also worked on developing a good pencil grip.

Understanding the World : In Understanding the World, we explored the different professions we are interested in and learned about Paleontologist (studies all fossils), Astronauts and Archaeologist.

Expressive Art and Design : In Expressive Arts and Design, we designed our individual rockets and drew our own made-up dinosaurs.

Next week, our magical journey is taking us under the sea, and we are excited about the different sea creatures we will see.


Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023

The Latest Reception Learning Update!

In Reception this week we have looked at the book ‘Dinosaur Department Store’ by Lily Murray and Richard Merritt. The book is about a little girl, called Eliza Jane, who wants a pet dinosaur for her birthday.

English : In English this week, we have answered questions about the book and written a letter to Eliza Jane thanking her for freeing the dinosaurs. We thought about using our sentence structure to make sure our letter had capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Maths: In Maths this week, we explored the composition of numbers 6,7 and 8. We used different representations to show these numbers and explained our reasoning.

Understanding The World : In UTW, Reception learnt more about dinosaurs and the Jurassic era. We then compared life in present day London to life in the Jurassic times. 

Communication & Language :  In C&L this week, we learnt about paleontology and how paleontologists do their job. We then dressed up and hot seated as a paleontologist and to answer questions from our peers.

Expressive Art & Design : In EAD this week, we learnt a new dinosaur song and performed it as a group. We thought about pitch and melody.

Physical Development:  In PD this week, we moved like dinosaurs exploring using different levels to acts as different types of dinosaurs.

Personal Social & Emotional Development : In PSED, we reminded ourselves of the Zones of Regulation and how it feels to be at each stage. We discussed how we could get ourselves back onto the green space.