Early Years Foundation Stage

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Martine Auton


Martine Auton

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Reception & Nursery Christmas Play – 21/22
Summer Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023

The Latest Nursery Learning Update!

This week we have been reading the book, ‘The very lazy ladybird’. We have continued with our topic for the term learning about minibeast and acquiring lots of vocabulary.

Physical Development: In PD, we used the scissors to create a puppet. 

Phonics: In Phonics, some of us have been learning to tune in to sounds around us and enjoying listening to stories. Some of us have been learning new sounds, ’i’ and ‘n’ and practising forming the letters correctly.

Physical, Social & Emotional Development : In PSED, we talked about our feelings and used different scenarios from our own experiences to talk about how we felt in those moments. We used the Zones of Regulation to give us a visual representation which helps us to understand how others might be feeling too.

Maths: In maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge of numbers and some of us are now learning to recognise these numbers. We are also practising writing our numbers up to 10 and sometimes using symbols to represent numbers.

Understanding of the World:  In UW, we looked at natural materials around us and had a go at using these to build bug hotels for our minibeast in forest school. We also learned some interesting facts about ladybirds such as having up to 20 spots. We also know that spiders have a head and an abdomen which is very grown fact to know! We have been so fortunate to have some tadpoles given to us by a lovely Parent and we are having a practical learning experience of the lifecycle of the frog.

Expressive Art & Design : In EAD, we had fun playing instruments to express our feelings.


Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023
Summer Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023

The Latest Reception Learning Update!

Over the past two weeks we have been reading the book ‘The Big Book of Bugs’. We have been learning new vocabulary and looking at the features of a non-fiction text. In English, we used our new facts to write riddles about a chosen minibeasts. Some of us then performed our riddle in front of the class whilst the rest had to guess. We are still focusing on using capital letters, full stops and capital letters.

Physical Development: In PD, we learnt about different joining techniques and watched each one being modelled. We then chose our favourite techniques to build a model bug hotel.

Understanding the World :  In UTW, we focused on learning new vocabulary and explored the definitions through a range of activities including minibeast hunts.

Maths : In Maths we explored 2D shapes and addition. For 2D shapes, we looked at tangrams of minibeasts and discussed the shapes we could see. We also looked to see if the shapes had been rotated. After this, we developed our addition skills and looked at first, then, now stories.

Expressive Arts & Design : In EAD, Reception listened to different insect sounds and we tried to guess the animal. We used to inspire us to make a soundscape of different minibeasts and gave reasons for the choice of instrument.