Early Years Foundation Stage

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Martine Auton


Martine Auton

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Reception & Nursery Christmas Play – 21/22
Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023/2024

The Latest Nursery Learning Update!

This week we have been reading the book titled, ‘Hello Friend’. We practised using the names of our friends when playing and looked at our similarities. We celebrated our differences and learned that we are unique as individuals. We have been learning new vocabulary and practising using it in construction of sentences.

In maths, we have been learning to show numbers on our fingers and we had lots of fun singing number songs.

In Expressive Arts and Design, we have been drawing our families and talking about the people in our families. We talked about how the individuals in our portrait were feeling and tried to show that in our drawing.

In PSED, we took part in games which encouraged team work and this has helped us in developing our friendships.

In phonics, we are continuing with sound differentiation and developing our listening skills.

Nursery children have settled really well and we are looking forward to continuing our learning through play.


Spring Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023
Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023/2024

The Latest Reception Learning Update!

This week in Reception we have been reading All Are Welcome Here and in Understanding the World we have been looking at how we are all different but all valued members of our communities.

In English, we began the week by reading the book and checking our comprehension by answering the 5 different question types. We focused on rhyming and demonstrated our knowledge by completing rhyming couplets. We also began reading CVC words within the text. 

In Maths, we focused on matching and sorting objects, using different sorting rules. 

We loved the page in All Are Welcome Here  where the children had ‘a dozen different kinds of bread’ for lunch.  We looked at our own selection of breads, sorting them into groups showing their similarities and differences.
In EAD the children learned a new song ‘1,2,3 its good to be me’ and accompanying actions. We recorded our first attempt, after listening to the song 2 times and then watched the recording back, discussing how we could improve our performance. We worked on it throughout the week and evaluated our final performance.