Sports Premium

Sports Premium Allocation

Over the past four years, the government has provided additional funding to help improve physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. The funding from the Department of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport has gone directly to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and physical education for their pupils, in ways they think most appropriate and that will have the biggest impact for their school. The sports funding can only be spent on sport and physical education provision in schools.

Impact of Pupil Premium Expenditure 2018 – 19
Sports Premium received £16,000
A high proportion of observed lessons were adjudged as good or outstanding in P.E increasing the quality of teaching

Data reflects that across the school, 81% of children achieved ARE in the assessed areas of agility, balance and coordination and 22% of children achieved Mastery.

The after school club programme is extensive to include 15 sports clubs, providing places for 220 pupils to attend on a weekly basis.

Children from across the school have successfully competed in 16 local authority      competitions; such as Tag Rugby, Cricket, Football, Athletics, Swimming and Multi-Sports.


Pupil Premium Strategy 2019 – 20
Pupil Premium Allocation
Total amount received £18,989
Committed spend £19,000



Pupils are upskilled and more confident in a wide range of physical education and sporting activities.

Collaborate with external agencies, community partners and other schools to promote further opportunity for pupils to develop.

To promote active learning through direct personal experience and offer excitement, fun and adventure within a framework of safety.

Pupils engaged in physical activity at playtimes.

Diminishing the difference between pupils eligible for pupil premium (and other disadvantaged groups) and those who are not, in terms of participation, achievement, opportunity and progress.

Develop confidence, abilities, leadership skills and self-esteem for pupils through active participation in a range of PE and sports activities.

Pupils experience the highest quality physical education and sport opportunities.


Intervention Cost Objectives
Teaching & Learning

To provide staff with differentiated lesson plans that facilitate both  support and extension opportunities in PE lessons.

£5,000 Create a catalogue of detailed plans for each class and make a range of curriculum resources available for staff.
To facilitate pupils having the opportunity to try a range of sport and sporting activities in order to stimulate their interest and enthusiasm in PE. Devise sports curriculum which facilitates the coverage of a range of sports for each year group. Participate in a full catalogue of local authority competitive events. Provide staff with access to all Moving Matters materials.
To enable teachers to accurately assess the development of each child in P.E. To embed the use of our assessment tool that measures pupil’s development in agility, balance and coordination.
To develop the quality of planning and delivery of sports lessons across the school.
Coordinate half day per week professional development for Sports Coach with specialist trainer from Moving Matters.

To improve the confidence and expertise in staff to deliver good quality PE in a range of topics.

Pupil Engagement

To develop and improve the sports provision offered after school.

£3,000 Expand the after school club programme to include a broader range of sports clubs to be conducted by specialist coaches.
To have a range of high quality resources to enhance physical activity across the curriculum areas.




Use the funding available for Sport to procure high quality resources for PE lessons and playtime activities.

Accessing swimming lessons for all children in KS2

Competitive Sports

To ensure children have the opportunity to engage in competitive sports both internally and external.

£2,000 Join a range of competitions and leagues for pupils across the school.

Purchase access to Tooting Athletics Sports Track for Sports Day.

Parents & Community

Set up healthy living and wellbeing workshops.

Run our annual wellbeing and Mental Health week.

  To engage the community in living a healthy lifestyle.