School Structure

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Staff List 2017/18

Senior Teaching Team

Andrea Parker – Headteacher, Designated Child Protection Officer, Teaching and Learning, Assessment Co-ordinator

Kate Daly – Deputy Headteacher, Extended Services

Frank Connelly – Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion, LAC Designated Teacher

Senior Teachers

Zenia McIntosh – Upper Key Stage 2 Senior Teacher, Year 6 Teacher

Rebecca Hughes – Lower Key Stage 2 Senior Teacher, Year 3 Additional Teacher

Martine Auton – Key Stage 1 Senior Teacher, Attendance and Punctuality Officer, Y2 Additional Teacher

Christine Boyle – Foundation Stage Senior Teacher, Art and Design Subject Teacher, Reception Additional Teacher


Jacqui Napier – Creative Curriculum Teacher

Zenia McIntosh – Computing Teacher

Emily Mitchell – Science Teacher

Emma Beeckmans – English Teacher

Duane Sinclair – Maths Teacher

Class Allocations

Year Group Class Teacher Class Teacher Additional Teacher
N Miss Katie    
R Ms Neate Ms Neal  Ms Boyle
Y1 Ms Tam Ms Heffernan Ms Monet
Y2 Ms Cramer Ms Ryan Ms Auton
Y3 Ms Henderson Ms Corbett Ms Hughes
Y4 Ms Beeckmans Ms Mitchell Mrs Harris
Y5 Mr Sinclair Ms Hendricks Ms Napier
Y6 Ms Ingham Ms Kirk Ms McIntosh

Whole School Additional Adults

Louise Campbell – Pastoral / UKS2
Sarah Keogh-Milne – EAL/KS1
Sonia Da Silva – Outdoor learning/ EYFS
Lisa McAndrew– HLTA Outreach
Sarah Hennessy – HLTA Behaviour
Tania Romero – Spanish Tutor
Isaac McIntosh – HLTA Computing 

Inclusion Teaching Assistants
Christine Phillips
Paul Collins
Elspet Cowan
Valeria Atella
Heather Smith
Alexia Foiseau
Zana Gjetaj

Resource Officers
Ann Anderson
Lynn Bennady-Manar

Early Years Educators
Beverley Leslie Maycock
Sabrina Nunes
Florence McCarthy

Sports Coach
Junior Wright

Mid-Day Meals Supervisors
Susan Edwards
Margaret Dodson
Sophie Campbell

Office Staff
Natasha Parker – Administrative Officer (Finance)
Shobnom Wahid – Administrative Officer (Pupils and Parents)

Premises Officer
Freddy Mauricio Chasiquiza Aules

Bonneville Around School Cafe
Louisa Campbell, Christine Phillips, Sarah Keogh-Milne, Anne Anderson, Lisa Goodson

National Standard for Enterprise Education

Advanced Healthy Schools

Bronze Star Award for Sustainable Travel to School

Lambeth Natural Thinkers


Our school telephone lines are currently not working. We are in the process of getting this fixed.