School Structure

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Staff List 2018/19

Senior Leadership Team

Andrea Parker – Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Officer

Kate Daly – Deputy Headteacher, Assessment, Extended Services

Frank Connelly – Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion, LAC Designated Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

Zenia McIntosh – Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 2, Year 6 Additional Teacher, CPD Strategic Leader

Rebecca Hughes – Lower Key Stage 2 Senior Leader, Year 3 Additional Teacher

Martine Auton – Assistant Headteacher Early Years & Key Stage 1, Attendance and Punctuality Officer, 2nd Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

Christine Boyle – Early Years Senior Leader, Art and Design Subject Teacher, Reception Additional Teacher

Management Team

Jacqui Napier – Creative Curriculum Subject Leader

Amanda Monet – Spanish Subject Leader

Trainee – Maths Subject Leader

Trainee – English Subject Leader

Trainee – Science Subject Leader

Class Allocations

Whole School Additional Adults

Louise Campbell – Pastoral / UKS2
Sarah Keogh-Milne – EAL/LKS2
Sonia Da Silva – Outdoor learning/ EYFS
Tania Romero – Spanish Tutor

Inclusion Teaching Assistants
Christine Phillips
Elspet Cowan
Valeria Atella
Heather Smith
Alexia Foiseau
Zana Gjetaj
Nicholas Braithite
Jerome Marshall

Resource Officers
Ann Anderson
Lynn Bennady-Manar

Early Years Educators
Beverley Leslie Maycock
Sabrina Nunes
Florence McCarthy

Sports Coach
Junior Wright

Mid-Day Meals Supervisors
Susan Edwards
Margaret Dodson
Sophie Campbell

Office Staff
Marilyn Assan – Senior Administrative Officer (Finance)
Natasha Parker / Punam Shah– Administrative Officer (Finance)
Shobnom Wahid – Administrative Officer (Pupils and Parents)

Bonneville Around School Cafe
Louisa Campbell, Christine Phillips, Sarah Keogh-Milne, Anne Anderson, Jerome Marshall, Nicholas Braithwaite

National Standard for Enterprise Education

Advanced Healthy Schools

Bronze Star Award for Sustainable Travel to School

Lambeth Natural Thinkers

School Games Gold