We welcome visits by prospective parents and carers. It allows you to see at first-hand how the school is organised, and to visit classrooms in action. Prospective parents/carers are invited to attend our regular open mornings. The Headteacher and other members of the school community will be pleased to show you round the school and tell you about the school and nursery, answering any questions you may have.

Children are invited to visit with their parents or carers in the term before they start, in order to see their new school and meet the teachers and support staff. Enrolment forms are completed, which give us essential details and helps to settle in your child successfully. Where possible, the reception teachers also visit the children in the nursery they are attending to see them operating in an environment in which they are familiar.

Criteria For Admission To School

We can take up to 60 children in each year group. There are 26 full time equivalent nursery places with full time places offered to children who are 3 years old. We do advise you to contact the school soon after your child’s second birthday to fill in an application form for admission into our nursery.

Lambeth now deal with applications for school places and you should apply directly to them. Places are allocated in the following order according to Lambeth’s admission policy:

  1. brothers and sisters of children already in the school
  2. children living in any defined priority area
  3. children living in the area of the Authority for whom it is the nearest County school
  4. children living outside the area of the Authority for whom it is the nearest County school
  5. remaining children who apply for places Nearness to schools will be measured on a large scale map of the area. For this purpose, measurement will be over the shortest walking distance using a route lit by street lighting.

In exceptional circumstances, the Headteacher has discretion to admit children on the grounds of their acute medical or social needs who would otherwise not qualify for admission, in consultation with the Divisional Education Officer.

When parents/carers apply for a place at a particular school, their child’s name will be put on the school’s application list. However, it is important that parents/carers realise that the length of time a child’s name is on an application list does not give the child priority over later applicants with a stronger claim to a place in terms of the criteria listed previously.

Admission Arrangement for pupils with SEN or disabilities

Please do not complete a Common Application Form (CAF) if your child has a statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health Care Plan. Please contact your home borough’s SEND Team for details about applications for primary school.

Further information is available from:

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Team
10th Floor
International House
Canterbury Crescent
London SW9 7QE

Criteria for Admission to Nursery

Children are entitled to 15 free hours of Nursery provision per week. We offer free part time and flexi time Nursery places with an option to pay a top up fee to increase to a full time place (details of the top up fees are available from the school office). Free full time places are offered only to children who meet certain criteria, details of which are given on our application form, also available from the school office.

Some FREE full time places are available if children meet the following criteria;

  1. Children who are looked after, or who have an allocated social worker who has written support of the need for a full-time place as part of the Child’s Plan at that school.
  2. Children who are recommended a full-time place by a Team Around the Child (TAC), Locality or Disability Panel.
  3. Children in circumstances where the Headteacher considers a full-time place should be provided. To ensure quality across the borough the following criteria must be met first:
    1. children who are eligible for free school meals or newly arrived or asylum seeker
    2. evidence to demonstrate that home circumstances could significantly affect a child’s well being

Note: Children who are accepted into the Nursery do not have an automatic right to a place in our Reception classes.

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