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Children in Need- Bonneville Go Spotacular!

Our digital leaders took photographs of some special outfits worn for Children in Need


Remembrance Day at Bonneville- Captured by the Digital Leaders

At Bonneville Primary School, we have remembered those who have died in World War I/II. We have been doing activities in classrooms. The early years of Bonneville (Nursery and Reception) have been making poppies using a leaf and dyed pasta for the outside and inside of the poppy. In year two and year four they were making poppies out of card and wore them. In year five, 5K were writing on the white board about World War I and II and 5S took a picture of all the people that have family and veterans that battled/ played a part in either World War I or II standing next to the smartboard that had a picture of a poppy on it. Why poppies represent all the soldiers that died is because in 1915’s Spring, a Canadian doctor, after losing a friend, was inspired by seeing poppies in fields to write a poem that is called ‘In Flanders Fields’. After World War I, due to that reason, the poppy was made a sign of remembrance.


Year 4 Newspaper Articles – Armistice Day

 Click here for a larger view of the Year 4 newspaper articles

Extreme Reading Competition

Here are the brilliant entries we received for the extreme reading competition

Science Week at Bonneville

Bonneville Summer Fair – Saturday 18th June 2016

South London Samba Peform at Bonneville International Evening

South London Samba are a group of young people who love to drum. They play music inspired by Latin, Caribbean and African rhythms, blended together with a South London vibe.

Y3 Trip to Kew Gardens

Y1 Trip to the Museum of Childhood


Year 3 Workshop: “Groundwork London: Energy Gardens”

The children had to classify groups of plants, the all planted their own seeds to take home, and we were given hanging baskets and plants for the school.


Wizard of Oz – April 2016

National Standard for Enterprise Education

Advanced Healthy Schools

Bronze Star Award for Sustainable Travel to School

Lambeth Natural Thinkers