The Edible Garden, Est. 2015

@City Hall Market Place 15th October 2015

Since discovering the “forgotten space”, a lot has happened in order to create an outstanding growing area in our school. Our Edible Garden was born in March 2015 and ever since we sowed the first seed it has been a growing success. Every child in our school planted a seed in spring and in October we harvest some of our produce to sell in our very first market stall. It was a whole school effort to deliver the best Bonneville has to offer. It was with parents, staff and children, lots of energy and enthusiasm that made the task possible. Our children really enjoyed taking part and representing Bonneville, both at school and at City Hall. The children at school had a chance to help with: Harvesting, cooking, sawing, logo making, flyers, working out prices and of course, growing our produce!

Zion 6T, Emmanuela 5P and Florence 4D were the children selected to represent Bonneville at City Hall and sell our products. They were fantastic ambassadors and took the task serious while promoting our produce to the general public. The Edible Garden project @Bonneville was praised by the organisers due to how much we manage to achieve in such a short time. We were also able to combine our passion for growing with our Eco legacy when presenting our products. This didn’t go unnoticed by the general public who was particularly impressed with the way we used our plastic bottle bottoms (from our green house) as containers for some of our products.

We want to Grow Bigger and stronger and for that we need you! Please volunteer whenever you can and support our school in delivering an outstanding learning area.

Testimonials from the children who participated at the event: