Spanish Projects

We are a Spanish teaching school and with the support of Miss Romero, the children are learning more and more Spanish language.

There are more Spanish displays around the school and more focus has been applied to bringing Spanish into other areas of the curriculum.

To support our aim of giving the school a larger Spanish presence, we are now involved in projects with schools in Spain. One half of the school were involved in creating Christmas cards for Spanish students as well as presentations and posters to explain how we celebrate Christmas in England. In turn, we received cards and presentations from the pupils in Spain.

The other half of the school are involved in writing penpal letters to children in Spain. They have received a letter and have been using their Spanish skills to write a letter in return.

We are hoping to continue with these projects throughout the year giving children context to their Spanish language acquisition. The children are really enjoying this experience and have been very excited to get their Spanish cards and letters.