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Andrea Parker

‘I’m exceedingly proud of how it’s gone’

‘We’re used to seeing the children go off in their little friendship groups at playtimes, but now the children stick to their full bubbles, and they are really supportive of each other within those groups – no child is left behind.’

‘The best part has been seeing the children’s reactions. They have been thrilled to see their friends and teachers – you can tell it meant so much.’

Parent Miriam Paridjanian admits that she had her reservations about sending ten-year-old daughter Rosa back, despite feeling reassured that Bonneville was ‘very well’ prepared.

‘We were apprehensive, obviously, but I was desperate for my daughter to go back, because she was getting a bit down at home.’

‘Since we sent her back, she’s perked up so much – she’s like a different child. It’s made a difference to the whole family.’


School’s back!

How England’s primaries have prepared to welcome more children after months of lockdown because of coronavirus

Andrea Parker

Andrea’s own six-year old daughter has been attending as a key worker’s child

Andrea Parker

‘We are all desperate to see the children again,’ says Andrea Parker, lead headteacher of Bonneville, Jessop and Stockwell primary schools. ‘We’ve missed them dearly.

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When lockdown hit, Bonneville – a 420-capacity lower school – transformed into a ‘virtual school’ overnight, but kept the grounds open to around 25 pupils a day to provide essential care, education and daily meals.

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