Autumn Term Update

Dear all,

We have been very busy in the first term of the year!

FAB managed to secure an annual sponsorship with estate agent Aspire, Abbeville Road branch, who will help us to promote and contribute to our Winter and Summer fairs. This is a fantastic partnership, and we’ll tell you more about it in the next FAB meeting.

Last month we held our latest quiz event, which was a night of fun and a great profit for FAB funds. Thanks to those who attended or supported. Watch out for the next one in May.

Thanks too to everyone who helped on the cake sale; we made a great profit again.

Thanks for all the unwanted clothing donated during the last Phill The Bag. The profit will go towards Eco projects within our school.

Our Winter Fair preparations are well under way. Calendar and sponsorship have been done but we still need your help. If you have some time to spare either before or on the day, please get in touch with the fair organiser Rebecca at

These are the dates you should keep in your diary:

Monday, 24th of November – Bertie and Boo Christmas show for the Early Years from 3:30pm.

Thursday, 27th of November – Magic and Circus performance for KS1 and KS2 from 3:30pm.

Sunday, 7th of December – Our Winter Fair from 12-3pm. Rebecca Sahar and Clarissa Fortescue have taken on the task of organising the Winter Fair – there are many many tasks which need to be done before the actual day of the Fair. I know we’ve only just come back but we will be hosting a meeting soon to start the Fair ball rolling. So if you’re keen to get involved drop me a message and come along.

Wednesday, 10th of December – Our FAB Christmas Party, held at Newtons. It’s open to everyone, and the cost is £10 per person.

Thursday, 18th of December – Cake sale.

Friday, 15th of May 2015 – Our very successful International Night.

Saturday, 20th of June 2015 – Bonneville Summer Fair.

Thanks again