Pupil Premium Allocation 2016-2017

Total pupil premium funding for 2016/17  = £244,591.90

Current in house data shows the DA pupils across the school are achieving in line with ALL other pupils as an outcome of the following interventions and support put in place.

Year Group Breakdown

REC Pupil Premium= 24% of total children


Y1 Pupil Premium = 46% of total children


Y2 Pupil Premium= 36% of total children


Y3 Pupil Premium= 32% of total children


Y4 Pupil Premium= 32% of total children


Y5 Pupil Premium= 37% of total children


Y6 Pupil Premium= 36% of total children



  • To ensure Outstanding Leadership and Management identifies key pupils, implements monitors and evaluates strategies for impact half termly against the monitoring of key stage performance
  • To close progress gaps in Maths for DA children against ALL other pupils
  • To reduce persistent absenteeism of DA children
  • Due to the focus on key groups, secure attainment above National Indicators and progress above National Averages in England for Reading, Writing and Maths
Provision Cost
8 Additional Teachers

To ensure that every PPG child receives additional support from a qualified Teacher on a daily basis. Specifically providing targeted Maths interventions to ensure GAPs diminish by the end of the year.

HLTAs Morning Support

To ensure high quality provision of interventions for all PPG children across the school. Maintaining the best standards of delivery that enables small group, outdoor learning and 121 interventions in every year group.

HLTA Afternoon Support

HLTA Behaviour

Key pupils who attract PPG receive support in positive learning behaviours for life. These sessions are designed to reinforce the children’s positive learning attitudes beyond the classroom to break down negative life cycle behaviours.

HLTA Pastoral

Key pupils who attract PPG receive support with emotional wellbeing issues. Weekly groups or 1 to 1 sessions with children in conjunction with the schools counsellor and HLTA for behaviour.

HLTA Outreach

To support vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families, organising workshops, events and activities to engage our hard to reach families with the whole school community.

Building links with external agencies etc. and referrals being made, especially for those families who struggle financially or those finding it difficult to access services.


To engage hard to reach families from an early stage. Key pupils who attract PPG receive additional outdoor learning opportunities from Nursery to Year 6 with our Forest School and Natural Thinkers programs.

Speech and language therapist

Supporting children with language and communication difficulties. Buy in service x1 full day per week. Specific focus on PPG children who have poor language, communication and social skills, with additional focus on those in early years. Development of quality first teaching strategies to be used in class for children with communication needs. Development of resources etc.

Educational Psychologist

Assessing the needs of individual children who require significant support. Developing ideas and strategies to support learning and progress of PPG children. Approximately 50% of children on caseload eligible for pupil premium.

School counsellor

1.5 days per week to focus on PPG children with significant emotional or behavioural difficulties running weekly 1 to 1 sessions and supporting parents of children where appropriate.

Enrichment clubs/Trips

To diminish inequalities of cultural experiences and activities. One free club per week.

Parent Workshops

Working with parents to ensure they feel confident to support their child’s learning at home.

Reading Café (Breakfast Club)

As identified. Ensuring ALL PPG children have access to a breakfast and attending school on time, levelling a good start to the day with ALL other children.

Sports Coach

Full-time sports coach providing specialist PE and sports provision during the school day maximising opportunities for PPG children to access external competitive sports tournaments etc.

Sports Grant
Total £244,766.65

Evaluation 2015/16

Case studies identify the impact of 4 DA pupils on progress outcomes across the board for this group with mitigating circumstances.  Without the 4 children, Bonneville is broadly in line with National Progress outcomes in all areas and for all DA children’s ability groups.  There are no groups performing significantly below their peers nationally.

Next steps for 2016/2017

To further track pupils key stage progress from their end of key stage one assessment point.

To ensure assessment routines enable greater flexibility of interventions at intervals which lead to striking impact on the outcomes of DA children.

Outcomes 2016

  • High KS1 attaining DA pupil’s progress exceeded that of ALL other high attaining pupils Nationally in Reading
  • The expected attainment of DA children in Reading was broadly in line or above ALL Other children with similar starting points Nationally
  • The expected attainment of DA children in Writing was broadly in line or above ALL Other children with similar starting points Nationally
  • The expected attainment of DA children in Mathematics was broadly in line or above ALL Other children with similar starting points Nationally
  • The expected attainment of DA children in Reading was broadly in line or above ALL Other children with similar starting points Nationally, high attainers exceeded that of their counterparts at Greater Depth

Pupil Premium Allocation 2015-2016

Total pupil premium funding for 2015/16 = £242,880


  • To secure high pupil attainment of DA children against non DA children outcomes with the strategic implementation of the schools new staffing structure.
  • To establish the new staffing structure to ensure the impact of Higher Level Support staff has direct impact on the outcomes of DA children across the curriculum.
Provision Cost
Additional Teacher

Ensure that all year groups have an additional teacher working with them to facilitate smaller groups for numeracy and literacy. All KS1 and KS2 year groups have a full time teacher in this role. EYFS has one additional teacher.


Higher level teaching assistant whose focus is supporting EAL learners across the school.
-1:1 or group support for children in Stage 1and Stage 2 level of English.
-Support programme in place- Lexia with stage 1, 2 and 3 learners being supported weekly.

HLTA Behaviour/Pastoral

Groups of children with SEMH (Social Emotional and Mental Health) issues receiving pastoral or behavioural interventions are more likely to engage in school and make faster progress in terms of emotional wellbeing having an impact on learning and progress.

HLTA Outreach

Higher level teaching assistant for Outreach who supports vulnerable families and works with outside agencies to sign-post services and support parents and carers to maximize opportunities for them and their children.

Educational Psychologist

Educational Psychologist service bought in each term to assess children with a variety of difficulties from learning needs to social emotional needs. Recommendations made to staff on how to better support these pupils.

Speech and Language Therapist

Fully qualified speech and language therapist employed for at least one full day per week to oversee case load of children and train and support adults in school to develop strategies and skills to support children with language difficulties


School counsellor employed to work in school 2 days per week

Total £

Evaluation 2014/15

The impact of Key roles in the schools structure needs greater focus as they are no longer fit for purpose in supporting the increased teaching and learning outcomes of the National Curriculum, in order to diminish GAPs against their non-FSM counterparts.

Key roles in the school structure could better match the needs of the key groups of our community (Outreach, Behaviour, EAL, Pastoral).

Outcomes 2015

  • Expected progress of FSM above their National FSM counterparts by 7% in Maths
  • Expected progress of FSM above their National FSM counterparts by 1% in Reading

National Standard for Enterprise Education

Advanced Healthy Schools

Bronze Star Award for Sustainable Travel to School

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