1. We provide bespoke teaching and learning opportunities for our children


  • Quality first, 3 teacher model (3 teachers for every 2 classes).
  • Smaller class sizes.
  • In-house emergency cover, maintaining high teacher standards no matter what.
  • Regular afternoon intervention sessions.
  • 9 way differentiation of teaching and learning across each year group.

2. Pupil wellbeing is well supported


  • Our school structure reflects our commitment to meeting the varying needs of our school community
  • Dedicated subject specialists around PHSE and Sport.
  • The supportive provision we provide, beyond the classroom.

3. We deliver an inspiring broad and balanced curriculum tailored to inspire and engage our children and community


  • Targeted delivery of Sport, Spanish, ICT, Music and outdoor learning across the school.
  • Creative curriculum – cross curricular approach, topic books, school events and school trips.
  • Pupil enjoyment and engagement in lessons is high.

4. Pupil Leadership


  • The pupil voice is well embedded within our many pupil leadership opportunities.
  • Pupils have the opportunities to take on responsibilities across the school, through routes that mirror real life.
  • Pupils have pride in their school.

5. Our School Culture – “A slice of London”


  • Embedded celebrations of our diversity.
  • High level of parental engagement through many forums i.e. – parent forums and workshops.
  • Well established and active PTA, Friends Association of Bonneville (FAB).

National Standard for Enterprise Education

Advanced Healthy Schools

Bronze Star Award for Sustainable Travel to School

Lambeth Natural Thinkers